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Its time for Paint! | Refit 2021-3

Baltic Sails - Progresss through Research
Published by Yannic-Tim Noack in boatworks · 1 March 2021
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We are allmost through!
After just two months more than initially anticipated (part of it due to the pandemic) the wings are nearing completion.

Getting a clean line is essential, especially when no other paint is underlying. That is why we used fine line tape backed with typical masking tape to give us a little bit of wiggle room when painting.
It is very hard to tape along rounded surfaces with masking tape because it is prone to ripping and folding upwards in cold temperatures. That is also why we use a plastic fine line tape (and obviously disposed it seperately from the paper masking tape)

Rounded edges
I had this one botle of silicone spray standing around, which I used to draw the radii along the corners.

Unclean surface
You may see that underlying surafce is not entirely white and even at some spots the fairing compoind shines through. That is ok though because I will paint at least three coats of white on this before I do the final coat. This will give us enough coverage and stability later on.
I could however cleaned off the guide coat with wet 320 paper to make my life a little easier.

The time it took me to tape these two wings was about 3 hours, including a wipe with reducer before applying the tape. The edge cutting was possibly the most time intense work of all, especially because I had to often cut through two tapes at the same time.

First Paint!
The first layer of paint looked, there is no other way of putting it, amazing!

Allthough there was a slight orange peel effect after maybe two layers (granted, I was a little heavy handed) the paint coverage, colour and surafce was just amazing.

At the third coat, paint was defenitely going full orange peel, but that is again due to the fact that I was a little heavy handed, following the aim of a thick coverage.

Following the thrid coat of the paint, I will be doing another sand using 320 grit and dry guide coat to get the suraface entirely flat again and then, hopefully, call it a day. Then I can get started with the Non-Skid part of the application.

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Yannic-Tim Noack
2021-03-22 18:23:06
If you plan to achieve such a level of perfection that we have and you are doing this kind of stuff for the first time, plan more time. At least twice as much time as you think you will need.

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