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New Foils, New Hull, New Sails | Refit 2021-0

Baltic Sails - Progresss through Research
Published by Yannic-Tim Noack in boatworks · 6 December 2020
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Skiff sailing is a material intense sport. That shouldn't be news to anyone.
We always want to to be as independent of external service providers as possible and also we want to keep costs at a minimum, so we decided to do this year's refit ourselves.

That gives us the freedom to decide on what to do, space for experimentation and new experiences on working with materials. That can give us a benefit on race site and help us decide on the necessity of quick repairs and what material best to use for this.

Current Problems we want to solve
  • The previous owners did a horrible job at maintaining grip on the wings. When we got the boat, we did a quick and dirty fix using Nautix grip so we could get started sailing and learn to control the boat. Which I think we now can.
  • The places where the wings are secured with screws had loads of air trapped in them, which ended up popping open and allowing water into the core structure of the wing. We want to fix that and use screws with torx head so we don't accidentally mess the wing up again when using spanners.
  • The older generations of wings had no propperly designed standoffs ontop of the wings to assists the crew grabbing the control lines off deck. The previous owners stuck down sail battens, which workes completely but it can certainly be improved.. We want to make higher standoffs and ones that are part of the wing while we are at it.
  • The new wings have a shiny surface directly behind the standoff so there is no friction between your hand and the deck of the boat. We want to add that onto our old wings.

Conclusive thoughts
So essentially, we are building new wings and turning our old wings into newer, better wings. We are also hoping to get a slight reduction in weight of the wings as the previous owners painted their non-skid onto the old existing suface so there is heaps if weight to get rid of.

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