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We stripped her wings! | Refit 2021-1

Baltic Sails - Progresss through Research
Published by Yannic-Tim Noack in boatworks · 1 January 2021
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After a tiring three weeks of dust, used up sandpaper and questionable handling of an angle grinder we finally removed the generousity of the old non-skid and gelcoat. It was a bumpy ride but we got there eventually.
Refit Update 1
The refit project started back on december 6th and in these three weeks all we got done it stripping the wings. This is partially due to the fact that I was doing all the work on my own due to covid restrictions but most of it is due to me starting with the wrong equipment.

What didn't work
I started off with a small oscillating sander, 80 grit sandpaper and a mindset of "it will take long but I'll get there eventually". The latter turned out to be semi true. If I had continued with this oscillating sander I would still be sanding. After that I tried using an orbital sander with 120 grit paper. That did work quite well for a short time but the paper would just shred through like nothing. After that I tried using a belt sander with 60 grit paper. That also worked for a short period of time until the paper was flat again. That time was approximately 2 minutes. Another issue that arose was the heat generated by the belt sander. If I stayed at a spot for longer than 5 seconds, the laminate would start to peel away from the core and make bubbles (air within the core expanded and pushed the laminate away). While it did enable me to find potential future spots of osmosis, it didn't really bring me closer to the goal of sanding the wing.
More work is good if you don't have enough. This project has more than enough though.
What worked
The sollution that I settled with was an angle grinder with an iron oxide sanding disk. I am sure my neighbors didn't enjoy the sound of paint and gelcoat grinding away but it worked out for me and I was done in only one week with all parts of both wings to my satisfaction.

Now do note that the wings are absolutely not flat at this moment in time. It is near impossible to achieve a flat surface with an angled, circular sanding pad. The surface resembles the beach after a strong storm.
The next steps will be flattening the whole wing out by hand and maybe some machinery allthough I prefer using hand because it will give me better and more consistent results.  
I hope to see you again in the next post.

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