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On the water in spite of corona
Welcome to the resource that will improve your 49er knowledge and skills
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The backbone of any success.
Understanding the boat only comes in combination with undestanding the water beneath it. We can only understand situations once we have sailed in them and know what to do.
Applied understanding of boat, tactics and strategies
Once we know situations, regattas make us prove what we seem to know and reflect our performance in form of a position in the fleet.
49er FX
One of the fastest boats competing in the olympic games
The first double handed skiff many young people sail
RS Aero
A fast and leight weight singlehanded skiff
Open Skiff
The first boat you will sail, the last one you will forget
With every hour of effective sailing, one gains experience.
Sailing is an experience oriented sport and more experienced people have seen more situations and know how to cope with them best.
We are your partner
If you need competent training and want constant development for your team.
We do not just make you succeed, we guide you to success.

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