We have returned from Mallorca and want to send

I recommend you wach that before you continue reading.

Wednesday was just about fixing our hull.

Sandwich construction


The scientific Illustration above 😊 shows how the boat is made up. We had two screws going through all of the layers and these ripped the whole assembly apart.cid:image005.jpg@01D4C397.2B817750

Here we closed it with tape to stop water from entering the foam core.


After that we created a mould with tape and poured thickened epoxy into it to make up for the missing piece. After that fully cured, we sanded it all down and will add some fibre in the future to give the corner its original stability back.

On the last two days on the training we were still inside of the high pressure system we had for the whole week. However, there was more cloud coverage and we experienced a distraction of the thermic systems, which resulted in weaker wind. Due to the conditions we experimentally switched so I am now the helm (steering) and my sailing partner is now crew (sail trim, balance etc.). That worked so well, that we decided to just stay in this configuration.


The boat and my partners knee is fine again and we are ready to rock the wave again.

The next training comes soon, hopefully with less injury and boat repairs necessary.

Kind regards

Yannic-Tim Noack

Baltic Sails

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