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Manufacturing Process
We, at Baltic Sails care about performance, price and durability.
We use 3D printing for manufacturing all of our parts. That is also why we kindly ask you to not use our parts in places, where they could threaten lives. Don't use our gliderings in high load applications without a dynema ring around them.

We design, develop, produce and test our products before and after we distribute them to ensure our products work in all conditions. We also update our products incrementally to improve them across time. If you have any feedback regarding any of our products, please drop us a short message HERE.

Allthough 3D printing is not the strongest machining method, it is strong enough for most use cases in the 49er. We chose this method becasue of the low material waste and material range. Because of 3D printing, we are able to print in nearly any color you like! How about a glidering in clear plastic?
All of our designs are parametric. That means that we can quickly adjust the dimenstions of a print without having to remodel the whole thing. That allows us to adapt any part to any boat and gives you and I the freedom to optimise easily. If you would like to have any of our parts in special dimensions, please contact us and I am sure, that we can find a way to produce your dream part together.
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