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Look at older iterations of our in-house products.

All of our products are designed, developed, produced and tested by us. This large span of control allows us to ensure the best quality standards and best usability. We also make incremental updates to our products based on your feedback.
The below products are no longer available. That is becasue we have redesigned them and updated them in the main shop or we thougtht it is not worth continuing the development.
Rig Tuner v1.1
-The product was not stiff enough for long-term, high-load operation.
-The diameter could have been greater to allow for more leverage at the terminal.
-The edge of the tool had no grip, making single-handed operation impossible.

The Rig Tuner tool allows you to make changes to your rig on the water if you are using Ronstan Turnbuckles with 13mm terminals. This tool is made from ultralight polymers and is thus, resistent to natural degradation.
The mounting bracket is designed to be attachet to the mast using shock cord or the Mast Clip, available in our shop.
On the water, the tool is held inside the bracket by a shock cord, ensuring you don't accidentally loose it during usage. Use the provided hole to thread the 3mm shock cord through.

The design is made in such a way, that your fingers always apply the greatest moment. The groves guide your fingers, even with gloves on, to the outermost edge of the tool. If you want to loosen then shrouds, flip the tool upside down and you experience the same effect but in the opposite direction.
Mass: 14g
Approx. dimension(BxWxH)s: 65x65x5mm
19,90 €(VAT incl.)
Mounting Bracket for Rig Tuner v1.1
Due to the faults of the rig tuner v1.1, this product was never produced.

Only works with Rig Tuner v1.1:
keeps the tuner in place when not in use. This Mount is designed to be attached to the mast using shock cord or the Mast Clip, available in our shop.
The bracket has a slot for the tuner and a smaller slit to allow the shock cord to pull the rig Tuner into the bracket.
7,00 €(VAT incl.)
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